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sit back and relax!



are you ready
to feel regulated?

I am happy to have you here.

My name is Jeanelle, I'm a creative thinker and mental health educator with a penchant for all things related to somatic therapy, attachment styles, relational healing, and nervous system regulation.  

I am the founder of the upcoming wellness bar The Unity Social, and author of the soon to be released book How I Calmed the F Down.


My passion and purpose are one and the same: 

to support you through body-focused practices

so you can create a secure, sustainable and incredibly satisfying relationship with yourself, others and your soul's work.

Simply put, I help humans feel safe to live their most joyful + purposeful life. 

My commitment is to contribute to the wellbeing of humanity
through compassion-oriented education + embodied presence.

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did chaos bring you here?

I always like to give a special shout out to chaos. After all, it's often in the midst of craziness we become our most expansive and curious selves. I think of chaos as the partner in crime to calm. The shadow that reminds us of our light, and the noise that brings us back to stillness.  


Chaos gives way to clarity


When we can see chaos and confusion as an opportunity and not an opponent, it opens us up to a wild new world of chilled-out bliss.

It is in calmness where we remember our essence and our soul's calling, and when we follow that calling and embody that essence life becomes more gratifying. So if chaos brought you here, you can thank that rebellious little disruptor for showing you the next step towards unconditional joy!

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Now I swear, this whole being human thing is meant to be fun and exciting, so if you trip up on the messy and triggering sh!t (like we all do), I'll be here serving up some hot tips and cool tricks for smoother sailing along the way.  



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The idea of feeling settled can feel unsettling.  Discomfort can arise in the newness of comfort.  When we've gotten used to chaos being in control it can feel very disorienting to respond to life from a more graceful place. As paradoxical as it seems, experiencing compassion and joy can feel very confronting and conflicting.  Trust me, you are not alone. It takes a deep level of surrender to brave the world of busyness from a slower and softer pace. And surrender requires safety, which you may not have access to in your body just yet. Totally normal! 

Trust your readiness and your capacity.  


If you do feel ready or even a little curious,  download The Pillars to Peaceful Living and see what you feel called to do next!


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let's connect

Not sure what you're looking for? Curious about calming down?  

Let's get comfy and chat, we can figure it out together. 

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