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You are where you need to be

The original title of this post was "All paths lead home."

To me, those four simple words felt like complete validation and I initially wanted them to be the foundation of all posts that followed this one. To trust and surrender in the knowing that every path and every choice you make will always lead you back home, back to your essence, seemed to be the most comforting place to "begin" this journey. And I still believe this to be true.

However, the reason I changed the title (and most of the original post) was because it also made me realize that much of my life was spent walking this elusive path as a means to an end. I was always walking towards the next big feeling, situation, aha moment, radical revelation, or inner state of something. I was so focused on the path of freedom, that I forgot the freedom I was looking for was in each conscious step, and not the path itself.

Yes, trusting that all paths lead home still gives me sense of relief and peace, but the feeling of absolute liberation really only came when I understood that I'm never not home, and that deep sense of calm joy is in me at any given moment.

So as we sit in stillness and presence together, remember:

You're always on time and you’re always where you need to be.

Welcome home

xo Jeanelle

The most peaceful path is in your commitment to presence.

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